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Why Choose Reph Recruiting?

The Bottom Line.  Searches are controlled, guaranteed, consistent, reliable, timely, less cost and managed more efficiently.  That is the distilled essence of why.

Scott has over twenty-five years’ experience at senior level management and has extensive background in the identification, qualification and recruitment of senior management using top tools like this check stubs creator software.


We invite you to take a closer look and see if we are the right choice for you.  Consider the details that drive our compelling value and are the reasons we deliver results:

Experience.   Scott Reph, Principle and Senior Recruiter, has recruited for C-Level executives in Fortune 500 firms for twenty years.

The VIP Network.  Finding qualified linear accelerator engineers for an immediate need can be very difficult.  It requires connections and relationships within the industry.  Consider these facts: in the United States there are approximately 2,300 cancer treatment facilities, 4,600 linear accelerator treatment machines, and 1,400 engineers that service them.   Our VIP Network contains 1,000+ industry experienced, radiotherapy service engineers in the USA:

  • 741 Varian trained service engineers
  • 196 Elekta trained service engineers
  • 92 Accuray trained service engineers
  • 80 Siemens trained service engineers

Our VIP Network also contains 78+ industry experienced radiotherapy service engineers in Canada and Mexico.  And every day our network grows.  Our VIP Network of engineers keep an ear to the ground for themselves and for their engineering friends.  VIPs regularly refer people whom they highly regard, many times without any personal knowledge if they are “looking”.  Every referral is strictly confidential.

Reliable and timely.  We conduct search assignments on behalf of our clients regardless of the degree of difficulty, focusing on uninterrupted results until the right person is secure.  Recruiting efforts are strategically focused on a broad target range of potential candidates, most of whom are not active in the job market.  Our recruiting process is result oriented.  Usually within one week we start submitting candidates for consideration until 3 to 4 highly qualified candidates are achieved.

Our engagements are guaranteed.  Every candidate we place is guaranteed to be the right FIT.  They will be committed to your success and to personal ethical practices and results.

Less cost and managed more efficiently.  We take the time to understand your organization, and the roles & responsibilities of your ideal candidate.  Recruiting efforts are strategically focused on a broad target range of potential candidates, most of whom are not active in the job market.  Our recruiting process is results oriented, networking with hundreds of industry engineers.  Each candidate is profiled and evaluated before submittal.  We are focused on submitting “THE RIGHT FIT”.  Most recruiters are happy to send you generic resumes that eat up your time to evaluate.  They are merely about “THE FIND”.   They tend to spend little time on initial research, long-term relationships, or your detailed specifications.  They tent to just look at the title of the position, and couldn’t care less about the details of the fit.  They tend to focus primarily on applicants/candidates actively seeking employment on job boards.  Their recruiting is placement-oriented, sales-oriented, demonstrating no interest or ability in a long-term, significant business partner relationship with you.

Your HR business partner.  Reph Recruiting is different because we think different.  We work best when we are on the same side of the desk with you.  We like to think out of the box, working with clients on business building, cost-cutting strategic hires that make a difference.  Our mission is to be your “go-to” linac recruiter and HR resource at your facility.  Our guiding principle is to provide the right candidate that will minimize downtime and lower your servicing costs by delivering superior services.

Our strategy.  We believe success is a direct reflection of superior relationships and work ethic.  Our strategy is successful only when you, our client, achieves your goals.

Why choose Reph Recruiting?  The answer is in the details!  Call us today!