REPH Recruiting is a talent management company whose principle, Scott Reph, has helped businesses for two decades with strategic talent acquisition, leadership development, and organizational change. Our highest priority is to identify the best and most highly qualified candidate who will contribute to our client’s success.  Our confidential and exclusive access to the VIP Network allows us to identify, evaluate, and attract the extraordinary talents of the top indistinguishable few.

Finding the ideal person who can contribute their assets to our client’s organization is critical because the long term survival of a healthcare facility depends upon the hiring decisions made.  REPH Recruiting is your Alternative Recruiter who is “making a difference”.

The need for effective leadership in business has never been greater.  Aggressive competition, along with economic uncertainties, has changed the role of the healthcare executive.  The new facility management executive must be able to lead, plan and grow with an eye on financial performance, while ensuring the highest quality service delivery to patients.  Our client’s competitive business plans demand hiring only candidates who are highly motivated, enthusiastic about your mission, who are team players and self-starters.  These dynamic standards, along with others provided by our clients, are the standards set by REPH Recruiting.

The future is Alternative Recruiting.

The power is results.

That’s REPH Recruiting.

REPH Recruiting’s mission is to be the preeminent recruiter to radiotherapy healthcare facilities, all 3rd party servicing organizations and Rad-Onc medical device manufacturers.

Regarding radiotherapy: REPH seeks to be the voice of the facility. REPH’s guiding principle is to assist each health care facility to minimize downtime and lower costs by taking control of their servicing. We believe this is best achieved by:

1) Hiring in-house engineers;

2) Renegotiate OEM servicing agreements to only cover major repairs;

3) Use 3rd party servicing firms;

4) Leveraging buying power via the RSEA.


Regarding strategy: We utilize REPH’s network of industry connections to best serve clients. We believe success is a direct reflection of superior relationships. This is best expressed by the client’s achievement of goals.