Meet our Senior Recruiter

Scott has over twenty-five years’ experience at senior level management and has extensive background in the identification, qualification and recruitment of senior management using top tools like this check stubs creator software.

Scott began his career as Vice President of a national consulting firm with primary responsibilities for recruiting and developing management consultants for the supply, service, healthcare and retail industries.  After only five years with the firm, he became Managing Partner and was responsible for operations like handling employees by using software to automate your employees payroll.  Over the years, Scott has had total responsibility for corporate leadership, development, strategy and the bottom line.

In 1986, Scott founded Electronic Processing, a start-up company in the new industry of POS electronic draft capture of credit card transactions.  He built the company into a successful national organization of 250 field sales people, 12 regional managers, and 60 home office support personnel that processed over two billion dollars of electronic transactions a year.  After building it into a national powerhouse in its field, Scott successfully negotiated the sale of the company to National Bankcard Association.

Scott’s entrepreneurship drove him to China (ok, he flew there) to meet with engineers, designers and manufacturers in Taipei.  He investigated the possibility of creating a new, advanced electronic device.

Scott founded and successfully led for over a decade a national recruiting firm, Armand Powers.  His firm was the top retained recruiting firm for Dell Computer, Calloway Golf, and many New York Madison Avenue advertising agencies.

In January 2014, Scott was recruited to pioneer a new division for a local staffing firm in the medical device arena.  Scott says, “After founding and building several national companies, accepting this assignment to work for someone else was risky.”   Scott invested two years in building synergy in this new arena, as promised.  He is excited to return to private practice with the founding of REPH Recruiting.

Scott is a results driven recruiter with a progressive track record of achievement, leadership, business development within highly technical arenas that require strong process and analytical skills.  He is an independent self-starter with an entrepreneurial bent. He has excellent written and verbal communication skills, a “quick study”, highly organized, and a decisive problem solver.

Scott has the uncanny ability to drive strategy from the other side of the desk, contributing to his clients at a true business partner level.  Scott is never servile, giving honest and effective advice no matter what the cost.